The Mind Of Jake Paul(By Shane Dawson)- Review

Shane Dawson has created such an amazing documentary which kept me at the edge of my seat for the past few weeks, there were some things which I didn't see coming and some things which have shocked me for life. Below I will give my review on the whole series.

I came out of this documentary having a soft spot for Jake Paul but that doesn't excuse his actions that he has done to hurt other people. The situations he has faced in his life were quite frankly shocking and unexpected. Having his own brother doing that to him it's something so hard to forgive, no-one should have to go through anything like that. The way Alissa Violet was hurt and all the other team members, concluded that things were happening in the wrong place at the wrong time, it overall wasn't a good environment to be in.  Part 6 just concluded everything for me, Shane was amazing with his advice and the questions he asked showed the amount of grief that Jake was going through to answer them, it showed a …

Autumn Night-time RoutinešŸŽƒ

This is my favourite time of the day, and after a long hard busy day I just like to relax and put my legs up. My night-time routine changes as the season changes but I have to say my autumn night-time routine is my favourite routinešŸ’›

I have a really nice warm meal, either a soup or a curry and as a treat I eat one of the yummy HalloweenšŸŽƒ snacks me and my mum have made, having food with my family is the best as we have so many candles lit up and its such a cosy and comforting atmosphere. Then depending on my mood for the day I go for a shower or a bath. The hair product I use is "Head & Shoulders Shampoo
Smooth & Silky", this makes your hair feel so soft and it makes your hair smell beautiful. I use the "Dove" soap which makes my body smell like heaven, I definitely recommend for you to try out this soap. Then I get into my comfy nightgown and make myself a hot chocolate covered in yummy marshmallows and chocolate saucešŸ˜‹, I get into bed and watch loads of…

Natural Makeup Routine

As winter is practically here, I prefer to not wear a lot of makeup. I like to go more natural, so today I thought I would talk about my winter makeup routine. My makeup look only consists of 5 products, ranging from high-end products to drugstore products.

Firstly I like to apply my Revolution bronzer, to give me a bit of colour especially because I am very pale and need to add more colour to my skin. The product I use is called 'Duo Face Sculpt' which is drugstore and very affordable as it only costs £2.00, however, right now it retails for £4.00. I would definitely recommend this product. )

The second product I like to wear is my 'Seventeen Blush Powder'. It gives me nice ros…

Day In My Life~Autumn EditionšŸŽƒ

Autumn is literally my all time favourite season, all the dark and warm-toned makeup looks, the snuggly warm clothes and the thought of coming home having a spicy latte and cosying up by the fire, but in reality its the total oppositešŸ˜­, so carry on reading as I take you through a day of my life.

I set my alarm for 6:30am and end up waking at 7:30am, yes I'm lazy but aren't we allšŸ™Š. Then I pull myself out of bed and try and stay awake while I brush my teeth and wash my face (I use the Simple Kind to Skin Moisturising Facial Wash), then I wear my school uniform, moisturise my face quickly (I use the Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion) take my lunch and a small carton of orange juice and rush out of the house, I do normal mundane things at school and have after-school boosters meaning I come home later than normalšŸ˜¢
The first thing I do is rush upstairs and freshen up, I change into my cosy pyjamas and make myself a cup of tea and have dinneršŸ˜‹, catch up on all the socials and …

Full Face Of Makeup Only Using Sleek Products~Review

As summer days are finishing, I tend to change my whole makeup look, to suit the season. So I decided to buy and review Sleek makeup (for full face).

The first product I bought was the Life Proof Foundation, in the shade LP05, which retails for £8.99.
This foundation gives a matt finished look, however, I still set it with a powder to lock everything in place. I really like this product as it didn't sweat off my face and stayed in place. This is a very build-able foundation as it's medium-high coverage.

The second product I purchased was a Face Form, Contouring and Blush Palette in the shade light 737. Which retails for £9.99. The highlighter and the blush in the pallet are very pigmented and bright. Especially the peachy high-light which has a very luminous shine. However, the contour wasn't very pigmented but was a very nice chocolate shade, and would be good to use if you want a natural contour. The pallet also comes with a mirror which is very useful.

Another product t…

My Current Playlist 2018

Lately, there has been such good music coming out and there have some fresh new artists that share their passion for music. I listen to these songs non-stop in the car and at home and I thought I would share them with you.

WHY DON'T WE: There new album 8 Letters is amazing and you should definitely go give it a listenšŸ’“

Liam Payne- first time: such a bop and his voice is amazingšŸ™‰

Marshmello ft. Bastille- happier: loved the positivity portrayed throughout the songšŸ˜‡

Post Malone- better now: he's just the best, what's not to like!šŸ˜

Khalid- eastside: the cutest love song ever and so catchy!šŸ’œ

Shawn Mendes- in my blood: I have no words for this song. It was breath-taking.

Chris Brown- questions: This is…


Now that winter is comingšŸ˜‰and the days get shorter and colder. This is the best time I love to start a new tv series. So I thought I would share my top 5 best TV shows that I am currently loving.

1. OK well, this one was a tough one to choose! From all the things I watch I can never just have a favourite but right now my favourite would have to be 'FRIENDS'. It is a show filled with very humorous jokes, adorable couples and loving friendships. 3 girls and 3 boys of the BFF kind, all live close together facing life in the city of New York together.

2. Another tv show which I have currently been loving is 'Peaky Blinders'. Set in 1919 in the aftermath of the great world war. This exceptional TV show is set in Birmingham, England with Thomas Shelby the young leader of the peaky blinders who is set on moving his family up in the world.

3. As I am a religious TV show watcher, I am having extreme difficulty in picking just 5 TV shows however my third TV show would have to be…